About The Company


Is an internationally recognized Research and Development (R&D) laboratory run by a professional team of Chemists and Scientists. We have our head office in Europe. We are CPNP approved and have been proudly present in the international market with our revolutionary with proven and undoubted success. We are constantly working to make life better and healthier.

Our Development

We develop and manufacture only Professional
Cosmetics Treatment products, medical device and
patents. All products manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We specialize in organic hair straightening and hair treatment products. We have line of organic hair straightening/smoothing products as per the hair type. We offer wide range of hair care products. Our products are 100% safe for health, hair and skin.

We create new powerful products that heal, nourish and beautify the hair fiber, while strengthening its natural Keratin components, harmlessly and seamlessly.

All our products are formulated with organic, natural and best (High) active ingredients with amino acids, vitamins, proteins and keratins.  Combined with natural oils like Argan oil, Lin Seed Oil & Macadamia nut oil & Coconut Oil and other essential oils.

At PHPL EU LTD we are constantly working to make life better and healthier. Thus, we keep developing 100% safe-to-use hair products, safe for the stylist, and safe for the clients, regardless of their age or type of hair. Superior customer service, loyalty, and confidentiality – we work with you to take care of your special needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and market high quality treatment products. This quality goes together with respect for the environment and ethics, following parameters based on innovation and development. Business sense disappears when you forget about the people who use our products. Our mission is to fulfill their expectations rigorously and professionally, offering products that suit their real needs.

PHP is proudly 100% European born and owned.
PHP is 100% committed that our products do what they say.
PHP is 100% not tested on animals.
PHP is 100% Safe for Health & Hair & Skin.


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